Fatemeh Khaligh


“When my English is good, my goal is to study Phd at university in design.”

Salam, my name is Fatemeh and I am from Tehran, Iran.

I come to Melbourne one year ago with my husband. His mother and my mother have a mutual friend, she introduced us and then we come to Australia. We did not have any problems in Iran, good people and our family is there. But then my husband got a job in Melbourne. I love Melbourne because it is very beautiful and before I came here I looked at it on the Internet and saw that it was a very art city. In Iran the art city is in Ispahan, but it is very traditional and classical art. Melbourne is exciting.

Last year I learn English by talking and watching TV, like the news and Bachelor. That’s how I know the culture of Australia. The Bachelor girls are very beautiful, the boys are very handsome, the life is very luxury. Now I go to English classes three days a week to make my speaking and listening better.

I love working in fashion. Clothes, jewellry, hair design, makeup, shoes and interior design, I like all the fashion. In Iran I have experience of 12 years in interior design, working in stores and shops and exhibition for special shows. When my English is good, my goal is to study Phd at university in design.

My sister Soofia introduced me to SisterWorks last year.

The people here are very friendly. I like to learn something and I like education. I want to make jewellery here but the products in my mind is very expensive. I work with silver, it is very expensive and I don’t have equipment to cast and weld. I will talk with Aphra, a volunteer, to help me find cheaper materials and find equipment.

I have just become a volunteer at SisterWorks. I will work as a Visual Merchandiser to get experience in design in a store.

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