Tsepak Tsepak


I would like to make my own jewellery, like I did in India.”

My name is Tsepak, I am originally from Tibet. I was living in India before I moved to Australia. When I lived in India I ran a small business. I had a street stall where I sold food and jewellery.

My entire family received a visa and so we came to Melbourne together. We knew people in the Tibetan community who lived here. Tibet people always help one another out. It is a big change here, but I’m happy because it is more liveable here.

I knew a Tibetan woman who worked in SisterWorks, and came in with her. So far I have started with stamping on bags, as well as sewing tablecloths. At this stage I am just working on SisterWorks products. In the future I would like to make my own jewellery, like I did in India. I use colourful mixed beads. I am very busy with my family, but in the future I want to come into SisterWorks more to create some products.

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